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A. L. Woods is a visual artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She holds technical degrees from UC Berkeley and after more than 20 years in the biotech industry is dedicating her time to her artistic practice.  Her current emphasis is on geometric abstract painting. 

Her unique imagery is based on the color blending studies found in Johnannes Itten’s Book, “The Elements of Color.”  These exercises were part of a color theory class at San Francisco Art Institute taught by artist, curator and educator Mel Prest.  Exploration of these color sequences has resulted to the creation of two dimensional works that draw the viewer in to an imaginary three dimensional space.

She also continues her life-long engagement with the fiber arts.  Years of studying and practicing many fiber art techniques lead to the use of waste materials in basketry.  Her baskets, made from wires, VCR or cassette tapes, most retrieved from dumpsters, combine modern materials with ancient forms, evoking an impression of a gentle crash between modern excess and the grace and beauty of long lost cultural expression.

Sample works can be viewed here:

She currently works at her studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.