My abstract geometric paintings create an aesthetic as well as intellectual experience for the viewer.  All incorporate a basic 10- or 15- colored triangular unit.  Combining this unit into grids and hexagons forms illusory three-dimensional spaces for the viewer to wander into, around and maybe out of.  My designs are always experimental, and always evolving. 

The triangular unit was developed from the color blending studies of Johannes Itten and some small works by the noted contemporary colorist Sanford Wurmfeld where he presented his blended colors in a triangular format.  My color blending starts with the pure paints set up in three corners on the palette.  The main color, or apex color, is often chosen from a Bay Area sunset.  This apex color is then blended with two greys, almost dissecting it, pulling out what was hidden in the paint.  The final set of blended paints can form smooth gradations, or stepped changes.  The resulting paintings exploit these differences sometimes showing smooth surfaces, sometimes looking faceted and uneven.

I find the processes of color blending, designing and painting engrossing and exciting.  I’m never sure what the result of long hours of work will be.

create spaces to explore and experience.